Call for Papers

The Polaris – Journal of Maritime Research (P-JMR) is produced by National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR), Pakistan. The Centre was established as Karachi Chapter of National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) in 2007 to provide a seat of excellence for maritime policy research and serve as a Think Tank for multidisciplinary study and analysis of maritime affairs. For details please visit National Centre for Maritime Policy Research.

Brief about Polaris

Polaris – Journal of Maritime Research (P-JMR) is a multi-disciplinary social science journal which aims to promote and highlight the information and knowledge about maritime affairs. P-JMR is an international peer-reviewed, ISSN registered academic journal which focuses on the maritime dimensions of economic, social, environmental, historical and legal subjects.

Scope of Journal

We welcome academic contributions from all fields which have relevant and insightful analysis and events of regional and international significance. The research scholars are encouraged to submit their original, unpublished contribution in form of research articles, policy papers and book reviews which covers the broad spectrum of maritime subjects such as:

  • Geo-Politics and Strategic Maritime Environment
  • Maritime Security
  • Maritime Trade and Economy
  • Ports and Logistics
  • Environmental Issues and Oceans Governance
  • Maritime Laws & Policies
  • Maritime Technology
  • Maritime Training and Education
  • Sustainable Utilization of Marine Resources

Click here to view detailed guidelines for authors. All manuscripts should be proof read as per guidelines. Submitted manuscripts are sent for blind peer review to the experts. The journal reserves the right to amend or modify the paper as per reviewers’ feedback. Last date of submission for the Volume 3 is 15th September 2018 to 30th October 2018. Your interest and support in our endeavours is our strength.

In case of any queries please write to the editor.

Ms. Naghmana Zafar
Editor – Polaris Journal of Maritime Research
NCMPR, Pakistan
Tel: 0092-2148503752