Content of Volume 2, Issue 1


Beyoned Sea Blindness: A New Agenda for Maritime Security Studies

Christian Bueger, Timothy Edmunds, UK

Page No. 01-28

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Economic Impact of Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Indian Ocean Region

Jayanath Colombage, Sri Lanka

Page No. 29-43

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Regional Collaboration Among Countries in Indian Ocean for Better Coastal and Ocean Governance

Steen Christensen, Raquibul Amin, Ghulam Qadir, Thailand

Page No. 45-59

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The Arabian Sea – Marine Pollution Viz a Viz Existence and Implementation of International Preventative Laws

Mobin Siddiqui, Rafia Azmat, Pakistan

Page No. 61-78

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Sir Creek and its Legal and Political Significance and Resolution

Sikander Ahmed Shah, Pakistan

Page No. 79-92

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Opinion Articles

Supply Chain Issues at Ports

Anwar Shah

Page No. 93-96


Weighing Joint Doctrine Indian Armed Forces (JDIAF-2017)

Muhammad Azam Khan

Page No. 97-104


Book Review

Syed Ghulam Raza

Page No. 105-109