The Strategic Maritime Environment Of The Indian Ocean: An Analysis Of The Challenges And Prospects For Pakistan


  • Sehrish Qayuum


BRI, Defense and Security, Indian Ocean, Maritime Environment, Policy Analysis


Strategic maritime environment of the Indian Ocean (IO) is rigorously changing in the course of last two decades.  Regional focus has sharply shifted from territorial to maritime borders, largely impacting transnational ties in wake of defense and security measures.  This insight covers background of strategic maritime environment of the Indian Ocean along with shifting trends after the launch of China’s “Belt Road Initiative”. The discourse also covers impact of COVID crisis on maritime environment of IO and recent tactical reorientation of global powers in the region. Furthermore, Strategic analysis of maritime power in the Indian Ocean is done in calibration of the various political narrative. USA, China, India, Australia, and Pakistan are taken under keen sight of policy analysis. Opportunities and challenges for Pakistan in lieu of this discussion is penned down categorically. Development of Maritime Security Strategy of Pakistan (MSSP) with commensurate needs is brought focus under as a result of the deliberate policy and maritime environment study of IOR. Cogent recommendations are offered to Pakistan Navy and the Government to fill the lapse on way to emerging naval power of the Western Indian Ocean. It is a qualitative research, employing descriptive chronological discussion, based on targeted theme in the larger perspective.