About the Journal


National Centre of Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR) was established on 13 January 2007 as Karachi component of National Institute of Maritime Affairs(NIMA) under the direction of Government of Pakistan. The Center is now renamed as National Institute of Maritime Affairs (Karachi).


Objectives of NCMPR are:

a.      Promote maritime awareness amongst Pakistani people.

b.      Analyse national and international maritime issues.

c.      Assist government and private sector in understanding the
current maritime affairs, opportunities and challenges.

d.      Establish mutually beneficial linkages with similar organizations and

e.      Establish a comprehensive databank on maritime matters.

f.      Organize / participate in national / international workshops, seminars
and conferences on maritime matters.

g.      Provide opportunities of education in maritime subjects.


For details please NCMPR website http://bahria.edu.pk/ncmpr